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Conference venue


Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria 3125

The conference will be held in Building i(*letter not number)

If driving, enter Deakin University from Burwood Hwy via HOLLAND AVE (entry #1) to access Multilevel Carpark (carpark #6).

This is the only multilevel carpark along Holland Ave and is situated close to the conference venue. 

Please do not enter from Elgar Rd as this is the wrong side of the campus.

If you can, please download CellOPark before arriving as this can take some time to set up.


How to get to Building i

A comprehensive map of the Burwood Deakin University Campus can be found here.


The location of Building i is indicated on the map below, with:

  • Red path showing directions from the multilevel carpark;

  • Yellow indicating directions from the bus stop; and,

  • Blue indicating directions from the Tram Stop on Burwood Hyw.

When you arrive look out for the Rainbow Steps, follow these to Level 2 where the registration desk will be situated.

map v3.png
How to get to Deakin University Burwood Campus


Public transport

The easiest route to Deakin’s Burwood Campus is by tram or bus. You can also get a train to Box Hill Station and catch a connecting bus from there.


  • The 75 tram between Vermont South and Central Pier Docklands stops out the front of the University (stop #63 on Burwood Highway). View the timetable


  • bus terminal is located on campus below Central Precinct. Stops are made by:


Driving and parking

If you decide to drive to Deakin University, you’ll need to purchase a casual parking permit.

Your parking permit allows you to park in the white bays (General Permit zones) on campus. You will need to pay for parking between 8:30am–4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Students and visitors are unable to park in orange bays.

  • Parking with CellOPark

$1.60 per hour, $6.40 per day

To pay for parking by the hour or day:

  1. Install the free CellOPark Australia App or visit the CellOPark website to create an account. You can start your parking permit session through the app, website or by calling CellOPark on 9111 1799 to use their call to park service.

  2. You can enter multiple vehicles on your account but only one vehicle can park at any time so, remember to ensure you enter your vehicle registration(s) correctly, and select the correct car when starting a parking permit session.

  3. When you park, open the app, select the relevant campus zone number (1040300 at Burwood) and press ‘start’. Stop the session when you leave, so you pay only for the time you are parked.


  • Accessible parking

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, staff, and visitors who have a valid accessible parking permit issued for their use.

  • Electric vehicles

You will find two EV chargers in Car Park 12, which are free to use once you have paid for your parking session.

  • Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles

Parking permits are not required for motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles. These can be parked in the designated motorcycle bays, bike parking or on footpaths, out of the way of pedestrians. Motorcycle parking is not permitted:

  • where signs indicate that motorcycles may not park

  • opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with a wheelchair sign and symbol)

  • on narrow footpaths, near taxi ranks, or bus and tram stops

  • on or near service access points, such as manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins

  • where your vehicle could damage the footpath, pedestrian facilities or landscaping

  • within one metre of a fire hydrant


Cycling or walking

The Gardiners Creek trail is a picturesque way to cycle or walk to Burwood Campus during the day. You can use Google Maps to identify bike routes and walking paths, or there are apps available such as Bike Citizen or Strava which can also help. The Bicycle Network has some tips on how to plan your journey.


Facilities available

Deakin has lockers, showers, change rooms and bike storage for when you arrive. The locations around Burwood campus are provided below.

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