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Student presentation awards

Each year at VicBioCon, we celebrate our student presenters by awarding prizes for the Best Poster Presentation, Best Speed Talk (5 minutes) and Best Full-length Talk (15 minutes). The awards allow us to provide students presenting at the conference with constructive feedback and celebrate their achievements.


Congratulations to the winners for VicBioCon24!


Best Student Full-length Talk:

Winner: Allison Menzies (La Trobe University)

Runner-up: Luke Bonifacio (Monash University)

Best Student Speed Talk:

Winner: Emily McIntyre (University of Melbourne)

Runner-up: Mads Dwyer (La Trobe University)

Best Poster:

Winner: Mads Dwyer (La Trobe University)

Runner-up: Luke Bonifacio (Monash University)

Industry presentation awards

This year at VicBioCon, we introduced awards for our industry speakers to recognise their contribution to and support of our conferences. Prizes were awarded for Best Industry Full-length Talk and Best Industry Speed Talk.

Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Industry Presenter Awards!

Best Industry Full-length Talk:

Steve Meacher (Friends of Leadbeater's Possum)

Best Industry Speed Talk:

Lucy Wotherspoon (Zoos Victoria)

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