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Student presentation awards

Each year at VicBioCon, we celebrate our student presenters by awarding prizes for the Best Poster Presentation, Best Speed Talk (5 minutes) and Best Full-length Talk (10 minutes). The awards allow us to provide students presenting at the conference with constructive feedback and celebrate their achievements.

With just one week to go, we are putting out another call for judges of student talks and posters for the student awards.

What's involved?

For the talks, this would involve watching the session(s) you are assigned to and scoring the student talks according to our scoring sheet (there are between 6 and 11 student talks per session).

If you are assigned to judge posters, these will be up during the poster session and throughout the conference and will require you to score them using the judging template at any time during the conference.

Can you help?
If you're attending VicBioCon23 in person and can help with judging a session, please get in touch via email and we will send through more information.


Thanks for your support and see you at VicBioCon23!

​​At VicBioCon22, Student Awards were presented to:

Best Poster by a Student - 1st place:


Iris Hickman, La Trobe University for
'Alpine shrub morphology varies with altitude: What are the
implications under climate change?'







​Best Poster by a Student - 2nd place:


Nina Roberts, La Trobe University for
'Bringing the yams back: Collaboration with a First Nations
Women’s Knowledge Group in Central Victoria'


Best Speed Talk (5 mins) by a Student - 1st place:


Kelly Williams, La Trobe University for
'The bold or the beautiful: Does personality impact translocation success in a vulnerable rodent?'

Best Speed Talk (5 mins) by a Student - 2nd place:

Hannah Roberts, La Trobe University for
'A novel method of oestrus detection in the captive Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)'

Best Full-length Talk (10 mins) by a Student - 1st place:


Mikaeylah Davidson, The University of Melbourne for 
'Investigation into embryo mortality in the critically endangered Southern Corroboree frog
Pseudophryne corroboree)'

Best Full-length Talk (10 mins) by a Student - 2nd place:

Jessica Chapman, La Trobe University for
'Factors affecting the capacity of ground foraging insectivorous birds to regulate insects in grazing land'

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