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Guidelines for presenters

Oral presentations:

  • All presentations should be formatted in Widescreen (16:9). To adjust your slide dimensions in PowerPoint, click
    on Design => Slide Size => Widescreen (16:9).

  • Full-length Talks are allocated a maximum of 10 minutes, and Speed Talks have a maximum of 5 minutes. We will be strict on talk length times, so please ensure your entire presentation fits within your allotted time.

  • Each session will have a 15-minute Q&A session after all the talks where the audience can ask questions to any presenter.

  • Once you are ready to submit, please submit your presentation via WeTransfer and send the file to (see below for some quick instructions).

Poster presentations:

  • All posters need to be printed.

  • All posters should be in portrait orientation.


All presentations must be submitted
by 11.59pm Sunday 4th February 2024.


How to use WeTransfer:


Points to consider:

  • We encourage all presenters to include an Acknowledgement of Country of the lands where your research was carried out and/or the lands where your institution is based. You can include this information either on your title slide or final sponsorship or acknowledgements slide. Poster presenters can add this information wherever they feel is most appropriate.

  • We also encourage presenters to include their preferred pronouns on their slides or poster, e.g. Jacinta Humphrey (she/her).

  • Finally, you are welcome to include one of our conference logos on your presentation slides or poster (see below).

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Student awards:

  • Each year at VicBioCon, we award prizes for the Best Poster Presentation, Best Speed Talk (5 minutes),
    and Best Full-Length Presentation (10 minutes) by a student.

  • All currently enrolled or recently graduated students are eligible to win these awards.


Oral presentations are assessed based on four criteria:

  1. Overall quality of the slides,

  2. Speaking presence,

  3. Well-designed and executed project,

  4. Answers questions well.

Poster presentations are also assessed based on four criteria:

  1. Overall quality of the poster design,

  2. Clear graphics/data visualisation,

  3. Well designed and executed project, and

  4. Answers questions well.


The honour roll of previous winners can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your presentation, please email us

Don't forget, all presenters must purchase a ticket to confirm their place on the program!

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