Photo competition

At VicBioCon22, we are running our first photo
competition! Check out the current submissions on 
Twitter and Instagram!


We are now accepting submissions for the following

1. “You better be-leaf it” – Showcasing our Victorian

2. “Feathers, scales and tails” – Showcasing our
Victorian fauna

3. “Landscapes and ecosystems” – Larger-scale,
wider-lens imagery of Victoria

4. “All the small things” – Blink 182 were singing
about macro-photography, microbiology, entomology,
and mycology, surely?  

5. “Out standing in the field” – Ecologists in action…
What does our work look like?

6. “Accidental masterpieces” – Photo-bombing animals, tricky fieldwork situations and unplanned chaos are all welcome here


To enter, just share your photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #VicBioCon22Photo. You can also send your submissions to


Terms & Conditions: Maximum 6 entries per person. Photos will be judged by a panel of VicBioCon Committee members. As such, current VicBioCon Committee members are not eligible to win prizes, but are still welcome to participate and share their photos. The winning entry in each category will be announced at our virtual networking event on Thursday 3rd February 2022. 

Entries close 5.00pm Wednesday 2nd February 2022. Good luck!

VicBioCon Photo Comp 2022.png