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📢 Our photo competition is back for #VicBioCon23 📸🦘

Submissions are now open

To enter, share your photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #VicBioCon23Photo


Email us your submission at


  1. “Our green planet” - Showcasing Victorian flora 🌱🌷

  2. “Wild-friends among us” - Showcasing Victorian fauna 🐍🦉

  3. “The bigger picture” - Victorian ecosystems and landscapes 🌄🌊

  4. "Beauty in the small things” - Small organisms visible to the naked eye 🐞🐝🕷

  5. “It’s the Lilliput” - Organisms under the microscope 🦠🧫🍄

  6. “A researcher’s life” - Show us how working in nature is an endless enjoyment! 🤠😍

  7. “Beyond the border” - Highlighting biodiversity outside Victoria* 🐯🦓🦩
    * Please include species name(s) and location in your submission


Winners will be announced on Friday 10th February 2023.
Entries close 11.59pm Sunday 5th February 2023

Terms and Conditions:

Maximum of seven (7) entries per person, with a limit of one photo per category per person.

Committee members are ineligible to win prizes but may still enter their photos. Entries will be displayed during the conference for attendees to vote.

Entrants should follow the ethical terms and conditions for wildlife photography, courtesy of Doug Gimesy. Further information on the ethical considerations for wildlife photography can be found here.

Check out the winning entries from #VicBioCon22Photo below!

1. VicBioCon - Jenn Longo.jpg
Category 1: “You better be-leaf it” –
Showcasing our Victorian flora

Category Winner & Grand Prize: Jenn Longo for
'Opening bed of a red bottlebrush (#Callistemon)'
2. VicBioCon - Ricardo Simao.JPG
Category 2: “Feathers, scales and tails” – Showcasing our Victorian fauna

Category Winner: Ricardo Simao for 
'Gippsland Water Dragons'
3. Jules Farquhar (5).jpeg
Category 3: “Landscapes and ecosystems” – Larger-scale, imagery of Victoria

Category Winner: Jules Farquhar for 
'Landscape view of Xanthorrhoea at base of Mount Abrupt'
4. David De Angelis - Small but with a spine.JPG
Category 4: “All the small things” – Blink 182 were singing about macrophotography, microbiology, entomology, and mycology, surely?  

Category Winner: David De Angelis for 
'Small but with a spine'
5. VicBioCon - Marissa Parrott.jpg
Category 5: “Out standing in the field” – Ecologists in action… What does our work look like?

Category Winner: Dr Marissa Parrott for 
'PhD student Emily Scicluna working in the field'
6. VicBioCon - Lauren Tworkowski.jpg
Category 6: “Accidental masterpieces” – Photo-bombing animals, tricky fieldwork situations and unplanned chaos are all welcome here

Category Winner: Lauren Tworkowski for 
'Levitating tree fern on the Black Spur, Fernshaw'

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