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2021 workshop tickets on sale!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Four workshops are available at the 2021 Victorian Biodiversity Conference. All workshops take place on Wednesday 10th February and are held online. Please note that workshop attendance incurs an additional cost than conference registration and is set at AU$35.00 each. You have until midnight on the 8th of February to register.

Workshop registration has now closed. Morning workshops

Wrangling data in R: An overview Presenter: Dr. Ben Fanson (ARI) Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm Summary: Advances in scientific methods in Ecology/Conservation has led to an explosion of data. Being able to clean and wrangle these data for analyses has become an essential skill for modern day ecologist. However, many ecologists are not (and do not wish to be) computer programmers. The development of the Tidyverse paradigm makes data wrangling in R more assessable for ecologists by implementing a grammar-like approach and a suite of user-friendly functions. This workshop will introduce the participant to the Tidyverse paradigm, nested in a discussion of fundamental data wrangling topics (e.g. merges/joins, data cleaning, reproducibility). Tips and tricks on how to improve efficiency will scattered throughout the workshop. This workshop is aimed for participants that have some familiarity with R. Most of the time will be devoted to presenting and showing, but participants will be provided with those scripts to run afterwards. Timing & topics: 9 to 9:50am

- Introduction to workshop

- Workflow

- Background into Tidyverse

10 to 10:50am

- Grammar of dplyr and tidyr

11 to 11:50am

- Grouping and summarising datasets

- merges/joins

11:50 to 12:30

- Specific examples and discussion

Working with Traditional Custodians' Presenter: Uncle David Wandin (Wurundjeri) Time 9:00am - 12:00pm Summary: Lead by Wurundjeri Elder, Uncle David Wandin, this workshop will explore natural resource and fire management from an Indigenous perspective.

Afternoon workshops

Spatial Statistics for Ecology in R Presenter: Roshan Sharma (ICON Science, RMIT University Time: 1:00 - 4:30pm Summary: Identifying and analysing spatial patterns are the first step in understanding ecological processes. R is arguably the most powerful computer environment that offers transparent, reproducible, and intuitive ways of doing that. From simple spatial data manipulation and simulation to advanced spatial pattern analysis this workshop will kick start your journey to spatial statistics and explore new ways of understanding your spatial data. This workshop is suitable for beginner to intermediate level users but will require some working knowledge of the R environment and statistical concepts (e.g. knowing how to load and install packages in R).

Graphics in science and science communication Presenter: Dr Katharina Peters, Postdoctoral Researcher with the Cetacean Ecology Research Group, Massey University Time: 1pm - 4pm Participants: up to 30 Summary: Graphics in science and science communication are becoming more and more important, and items such as graphical abstracts are increasingly required by journals to help make scientific publications more accessible to readers. However, opportunities for training in this field remain limited. This workshop will help you design graphical abstracts, posters and illustrations for your projects, with a particular focus on free, easy-to-use software (including PowerPoint, Canva and Sketchbook). Additionally, you will learn how to create your own vector images using different techniques. The skills learned in this workshop will enable you create eye catching visuals, helping you to illustrate and share your science more effectively.

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