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CSIRO Publishing - 20% off featured books!

CSIRO Publishing is excited to offer every delegate at the Victorian Biodiversity Conference an exclusive 20% discount off all our print books!


With books on a wide range of topics, there’s bound to be one that interests you! Popular titles include Australia’s Megafires, Wildlife of Victoria’s South-West, Coral Reefs of Australia, Guide to Native Orchids of Australia, Effective Ecological Monitoring, Applied Environmental Genomics, and Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words.


Enter promo code VICBIO24 at the online checkout before 18 February 2024 to redeem the 20% discount. The discount is valid whilst stock lasts, does not apply to eBooks and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


And if you have a book idea, please take a look at our website for information on the publishing process and preparing a proposal.


We also wanted to let you know that CSIRO Publishing has signed a number of Read & Publish Agreements which enable researchers to publish journal articles Open Access at no additional cost to authors. 


The OA fees are covered for corresponding authors by the agreements facilitated by their library, view the current list to see if you are eligible. We look forward to publishing your next article.


Happy reading, enjoy the conference, and remember to subscribe to our email alerts to keep up to date!

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