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  • Victoria Biodiversity Conference

Virtual #VicBioCon21

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 travel and social-distancing restrictions, the 2021 conference will be held entirely online.

Don't despair! Our online conference platform will be engaging with plenty of opportunities for networking, poster presentations and fun!

We are trialing various conferencing platforms to ensure the event runs smoothly and will be easy to use.

Here are some of the requirements our platform will include:

  • Options to go to different talks (concurrent sessions)

  • Q & A (anonymous questions & up voting)

  • Rooms for networking

  • An option to view posters in a 'poster room' and interact with poster presenters

  • A main lobby

  • Ability for both live events and pre-recorded events

  • Allow for panel speakers to talk with attendees

  • Opt-in extra activities (e.g. trivia, bingo)

  • Ability to move between events

  • Ability to record live presentations

  • Password protection

  • Information (sponsor) stalls

Stay tuned for more updates!

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