Organising Committee

The Victorian Biodiversity Conference is organised by postgraduate students. early-career researchers and early-career professionals from a diverse range of Victorian institutions. If you're interested in joining the team, or want to express an interest in helping with future conferences, feel free to contact us. The committee for the 2021 conference includes members from the following nine institutions:


Cassie Speakman

Deakin University

PhD candidate investigating the effects of climate change and other threats on the foraging behaviour of Australian fur seals, and what population-level impacts may result.

Nick Bradsworth

Deakin University

PhD Candidate investigating the impact of urbanisation on a threatened apex predator, the powerful owl, via GPS tracking devices.


Ielyzaveta Ivanova

Monash University

PhD candidate looking at understanding the relative contribution that private protected areas make to Australia’s reserve system in the biodiversity values protected.

allie nance.jpg

Allie Nance

Monash University

PhD candidate working on understanding the unique challenges of, and opportunities for conservation on small islands inhabited by humans. Allie works on the ecology and management of Norfolk Island endemic passerines as a case-study, and looks at global patterns and experiences of conservation management on inhabited islands.


Jacinta Humphrey

La Trobe University

PhD Candidate, Research Centre for Future Landscapes. Jacinta is investigating the impacts of housing density and canopy tree cover on urban bird communities throughout greater Melbourne.


Blythe Vogel

Department of Transport

Blythe graduated from the Master of Science at the University of Melbourne in 2019. She is now an environmental officer at the Department of Transport. She is passionate about urban ecology and achieving positive environmental outcomes


Marco Gutierrez

RMIT University

PhD candidate, ICON Science Research Group

Marco's research focuses on how biodiversity and ecosystem services are addressed in strategic environmental assessments, and the opportunities and risks that they present to biodiversity conservation

Jess Lynch

Deakin University

Undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. 

James Shelley_bio pic.jpg

James Shelley


James is a research scientist in the Aquatic Biodiversity and Conservation program at the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research. His current research focussed on eDNA detection of aquatic organisms and determining early life-history traits of the Mountain Galaxiid species complex.

chris connelly.jpg

Christine Connelly

Victoria University

Christine finished her PhD looking at the effects of urbanisation on eastern yellow robins with Deakin University in 2019. She now lectures in environmental science at Victoria University. She is an advocate for citizen science, because she loves working with passionate community groups.

Arabella Eyre

Zoos Victoria

Works in the Leadbeater’s possum field team within the Wildlife and Conservation Science group at Zoos Victoria, helping to support Victoria’s critically endangered faunal emblem. Arabella's interests are in threatened species ecology and conservation

Emily Gregg

RMIT University

PhD candidate, ICON Science Research Group

I am a PhD candidate currently focusing on improving communications for biodiversity conservation

Roshan Sharma

RMIT University

PhD candidate, ICON Science Research Group

His research focuses on evaluating conservation intervention impact and he enjoys doing geospatial modelling work.

Elodie Camprasse

Deakin University

Recently completed a PhD with the Centre for Integrative Ecology.

Elodie's PhD researched individual specialisations in seabirds. She now works as a casual academic at Deakin University, as Outreach and Events manager at Remember the Wild, and as Emergency Response Operator at Wildlife Victoria. She is  interested in pursuing a post-doc on wildlife-human conflicts.

Iris Hickman

La Trobe University

Biological science student, currently investigating future climate change scenarios for alpine shrubs, in particular the variation of alpine shrub traits when protected by snow verse exposed with low snow cover.

Yael Rodger

Monash University

PhD candidate working in conservation genomics. Yael's project is on the genetic rescue of an endangered grassland daisy in south-eastern Australia.

We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past and present whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices.

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