Getting started

Getting started with iChair

After you have purchased your conference ticket, you will receive an email from to let you know when you can log into the conference platform. To log in for the first time, please visit and enter the email address you provided during registration.

Here's some easy to follow videos to help you get started with iChair and VicBioCon 2021!

Plenary talks & panel discussions

The plenary talks and panel discussions will be running as Zoom webinars which are directly linked to the conference platform. You do not need a Zoom account to attend these sessions – simply click the Join button to open the webinar. To ask a question in a plenary talk or panel discussion, please type it in the Q & A window at the bottom of the Zoom screen. As we are using the webinar format for these sessions, attendees will not be able to use a webcam or microphone.


Concurrent sessions

The shorter talks (5 and 10 minute) are all pre-recorded and will be live streamed at specific times. To ask a question during these sessions, please type it in the chat bar on the right-hand side of the screen. Please be aware that if you pause the live stream, you will find yourself out of sync with the program timing. We recommend leaving the stream running – if you miss something you can always go back and watch it later.


Live Q & A sessions

You can also ask a question in the live Q & A sessions, running immediately after the talks finish. The live Q & A’s will run as Zoom meetings, so all attendees will be able to use a webcam and microphone. We ask that you please keep your microphone muted until it is your turn to speak. Once again, you do not need a Zoom account to join a live Q & A session.


Information for presenters

Presenters are expected to attend the session their talk is allocated to. Attendees may ask questions via the chat function during your presentation, so be sure to be there to respond. We also ask that presenters join the relevant live Q & A session following their talk, so that they can answer audience questions verbally. This will require a working microphone and a webcam. If you are not able to join your session or live Q & A for any reason, please let us know.


Updates to the program

Please be aware that the timing of all short talks (5 and 10 minute) has shifted back in the program by 2 minutes (as of Monday 8th February). This change was necessary to accommodate a countdown timer that is built into the livestream. Please double check the start times for any specific talks you wanted to watch.


Session recordings

All registered attendees will be able to access the session recordings in the conference platform for up to one month after the conference ends (until Friday 12th March). The live Q & A sessions will not be recorded, so you will need to attend these at their scheduled time. We anticipate that all plenaries and panel discussions will be recorded, however, we are still waiting to obtain permission from all speakers.


IT help desk

If you experience any technical difficulties during the conference, please drop by our IT Help Desk. The desk will be manned by committee members and/or volunteers from 9.00 am – 5.30 pm both days. When you visit the desk, you will be able to chat with us in a Zoom meeting.


CSIRO book offer

CSIRO Publishing are excited to offer every delegate at the Victorian Biodiversity Conference an exclusive discount. Click here to view the full range of books and special 20% discount offer just for you! There are 15 books covering a wide range of topics. You simply need to use promo code VICBIO21 at the online checkout before Sunday 28th February 2021. Happy reading everyone!



For those who use Twitter, be sure to follow our conference hashtag #VicBioCon21 and tag us in your tweets via @VicBioCon!



Thank you all for your continued support of the Victorian Biodiversity Conference as we take on the challenges of a virtual event! We can’t wait to welcome you to our online conference space on Thursday 11th February!